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Run, Ruslan, run

Ruslan left work and family for a noble cause. This Russian athlete runs to bring water to the children of
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Ruslan dejó el trabajo y la familia por una causa noble.
| 29 October, 2019 |

Ruslan set out to capture the attention of media around the world. And for that he decided to run all over the southern hemisphere. The goal is to release a bank account and receive as much money as possible. But, of course, it’s not for him. The Russian broker will take that money to the authorities in Central Africa where something is scarce that is so common, everyday and abundant for us: water.

His 10,000 kilometers traveled brought him to Mendoza. “I arrived from Valparíso, Chile. I ran all the way. I didn’t take the tunnel. international. I climbed the Christ the Redeemer that is on the border between Argentina and Chile”, which is a dirt road with curves and against curves, known as as snails, which reaches 3,800 meters above sea level.

But this feat started in Asia: “First I ran in Japan, I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could cross that country. And I felt confident that I could do it.” Ruslan was feeding your dream with some literary works and runs making this dream a little more bearable: “In the last two weeks running there, I heard a audiobook called ‘Thirst’ (sed), by Scott Harrison, where he talks about this problem in Africa, where people do not have drinking water to drink. That’s me. motivated to keep running. I did it in Australia. and now I’m here.”


Although the routes have not been very complicated, the runner runs some risk almost permanently: “It was a quiet trip, except for some challenges that I found. I had to deal with some hills in Japan. In Australia, I used to a lot of heat and it was really hard to run around. New Zealand is very mountainous and it was getting cold, because I ran from north to South, approaching Antarctica.” And, in case the obstacles of nature were little, there is the man doing his own: “You have to be careful with the trucks and the cars. You have to stop and go, all the time.”

The road continues through our country and ends in Oceania: “From Here I go to Cordoba. Then Rosario and Buenos Aires. Then I’ll fly to South Africa and I will run from west to east, to complete the circle of the hemisphere South running. That way I will run about 13 thousand kilometers.”

The idea is for people to know him and donate money for the cause. The information is on your Facebook account: Run Across South America.

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