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Vane Mihanovich: a Race Musician

Ivan or Vane Mihanovich is a musician, composer and singer.
Reader's notes
Vane Mihanovich es músico, compositor y cantante.
| 06 December, 2019 |

By María Cabeza


comes from a family of musicians, who gathered in the basement of his grandfather’s house to play with the first jazz players who arrived in Argentina. Vane Mihanovich surprises with its simplicity and naturalness.

For Vane, music is part of his personal history. He accompanies him since a child and this creates an intimate atmosphere when he begins to play.

For a hermit like me, the idea of going to listen to it was really motivating, so I invited a neighbor. I sensed a few hours of good music; I wanted it to be so. What I didn’t know was that I was going to break my heart of so much love and dedication that she distilled her music and her warm voice, to make me feel the pain that gets when you heal a wound. I scarred. Vane Mihanovich and his band calmed my sorrows and, surely, those of the rest of the audience, that night at Fragile Bar.

He started playing at 10 p.m., in a room overlooking the street, belonging to an old house that knew how to be an old factory of clothes – Fragile – of his wife, designer Catalina Foti. The first chords sounded in full room. Minutes earlier, we had been pampered with pizza and Homemadepatties .

The night fell muting us, and in the sense of the chords, poetry became present. All around it was peace and harmony. People: friends, audiences, cooks and even their own sister, Sandra, also singer and songwriter, were immersed in this therapeutic aura, which only a great man is capable of transmitting.

Ivan Mihanovich was born in 1959; his father architect, painter and polist; his mother, journalist and television presenter. He has two children, Sebastian and Sol. Elina, Amelia and Maica their granddaughters. He belongs to a family of artists and aristocrats. What a combination! Surely those roots give his music the elegance and sophistication of the jazz with the mix of pop and ballads. You don’t need topics to put people “up”; you don’t need it. We all flew, some with our eyes closed, into different memories, dreams and illusions. I was “pianted” a few tears as my neighbor wagged her head.

Among the songs he chose for that night were: “Those Little Things”, “Heart to the South”, “Isn’t She Lovely”, “Eleven y Six”, “Mi Música” and “Donde Van los Locos”-these last two composed by Vane- and others.

During the break, some chatted, others stretched their legs, the others, we sat waiting for the main course that, almost always, is given towards the end of the show, already the fire willed by the art of music.

And it came. After the “Give me Five”, typical of jazz, with perfect timing, Vane Mihanovich closed his night with the strength of a rocker and the innate of a jam session.

Applause, lots of applause emotion and joy.

I’ve already discovered where crazy go… as Vane says in his

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