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What do we show?

Let the beautiful images of purely happy people not inspire us to reject and judge ourselves when we go through harsh circumstances


We are living a time of “positivism”, where the demand to be well, to be successful and to “move forward” are strong. Cornered by ourselves, we ask and strive in every way: being younger, cuter and better... are some of the ideas we impose on us.This idea of exacerbation of the good leads us to share from that place so we show images on social networks that reflect it: moments of happiness, situations of maximum adventure and goals fulfilled are the reasons we reinforce most in our pupils and that is very good because we want to share passion, joy, vehemence and everything we like which is very good as long as we do not corner to think that the other pole of the human life must be rejected. It is precisely thanks to the “negative pole” that we know how to enjoy positive.Our desire for well-being and happiness is genuine but it is so polarized that we run the risk of denying pain when it comes to us or believe it should not be so... and that can confuse us. We can pretense that nothing is happening, repressing and hiding from discomfort.Living difficult situations, crises or moments of utmost disgust cannot be negative. Being wrong is also good if we fully accept the two poles of life. A pain allows us to mature, reflect and question ourselves therefore may be welcomed. It is correct to share with others images of what is beautifully accepted or what is “right”... but that does not prevent us from living our whole life with appreciation and appreciation for each circumstance. Let the beautiful images of purely happy people not inspire us to reject and judge ourselves when we go through harsh circumstances. Let us even include “those moments,” not to share in images—but as an act of maturity and self-love for all our humanity.

Publication Date: 19/09/2018

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