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Pili Adoue and cross country: “Everything is achieved if you want”

She's two-time Mendocine champion. He met cross country two years ago and is already part of his life. He does
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| 18 October, 2019 |

Until 26 years old, Pilar Adoue rode on a bike like anyone else. For recreation, transportation or walk. That Pilar didn’t even imagine that, two and a half years later, she would be a two-year-old Mendoza cross country champion and training for the Pan American Cross Country Marathon. He’s 29 years old today, and he’s studying scribery.

This is

how he recalls his beginnings: “I have been practicing cross-country competitively fortwo and a half years. I started with the Trasmontaña, which is in couple, and I ran it with only two months of training. But there I fell in love with the sport and I wanted to keep beating myself.” Sport became central to his life: “Cross country is a permanent challenge for me. I’m passionate about it. It’s very difficult. You have to be excellent in technical terms and in physical performance.”

The cyclists are still not much encouraged by this discipline, but Pili does not lose hope: “We are few women in cross country. But I hope that, over time, more girls will add up. Everything is practical and everything is achieved if you feel like it. However, we are few, but on a very good level.”

The training behind the two-time champion

In 2018 and 2019, Pilar stayed with the most local tournament important, the XCO Championship (Olympic Cross Country), where he managed to meet other goals: “Running on the Hill Crying was a personal improvement because it was very difficult and I could pass very in all my laps.”

But the achievements are not born from a cabbage: “My preparation for I started this Championship in December, making long outings, with a lot of background at low intensity. Then, passes training, driving, climbs.” He cross country is far from being reduced to just riding a bike: “One too have to be neat in feeding, have good hours of sleep, not less than 9. Be rested, go to bed early.”

The cyclist is also prepared for when things don’t go out: “It also requires a lot of mental strength because you don’t always win. The level is so high that you have to know how to spend the moments when you are not on the podium, or you cannot achieve your goal. That’s the hardest thing for a mountain racer: having the head to overcome the defeats and continue training.”

Thank you for those who are always

“ I always thank my coach, José Olarte, who has given me a lot of time and in the best way”. But Pili does not forget where he came from: “For a mountain bike rider, the most important thing is to have the support of the family. It is a very tough and demanding sport, takes the body to the extreme and requires a very difficult preparation to carry over time. And, in that, supporting family is the most important thing. You can’t achieve anything without that accompaniment.”

Not only the muscles – the pocket also hurts.

“ Cross country is as expensive as motorcycling or motorsport. The important thing is to have a bike with good equipment and light weight. That requires a good investment. My bike is a Specialized Epic Pro, which I bought with a lot of effort. I started with a more basic one and gradually saved and changed it.” And when it seems that the investment is made, current expenses come: “It is also expensive everyday because something is always broken or spent and every change of spare parts is very expensive. More

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