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The right man for the job

Florencio Molina Campos left immortalized small scenes of the gaucho life that are much more than artistic pieces.

Elvira is alone at home drinking mate. Suddenly, the phone rings. It is 1941, and calls are quite infrequent at that time, especially long-distance calls. Her husband is away on a trip and she gets nervous right away; she worries that something has happened to him. She hastens to attend and finds herself with a voice that, in a Spanish with an Anglo-Saxon accent, announces that she will soon receive an unexpected visitor: Walt Disney is traveling to meet her husband. Elvira's husband is Florencio Molina Campos. The imprint that Molina Campos gave to his works made them simply unique. Anyone who sees them, no matter how little they know about them, knows them instantly. His traditional portraits of life in our pampas are stories made with strokes: they speak, they transmit, they tell stories. They are, at the same time, funny and accurate; real caricatures of everyday life in the fields. By the early 1940s, Molina Campos already had an international reputation. Therefore, it is not surprising that Walt Disney himself has generated an interest in the illustrator, whom he later invited to collaborate with him as an advisor for a series of cartoons with a Gaucho aesthetic. He was, without a doubt, the right man for the job. There are people who leave a mark, a legacy, a story. Florencio Molina Campos left immortalized small scenes of the gaucho life that are much more than artistic pieces. His talent also served to bear witness to a place, an era and a lifestyle that has so much to do with what makes us Argentines.

Publication Date: 22/08/2018

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By: Araujo Carlos 24 August, 2018

El legado de Molina Campos, expresado en los almanaques Alpargatas y de la Compañía General de Fósforos, destacan a un artista único. original, para expresar las imágenes del campo.

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