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10 phrases that only Argentines understand

In ingenuity and creativity no one beats us.

As we are
Without even realizing it, every day we use hundreds of phrases whose meaning escapes completely to those who are not accustomed to living on Argentine soil. Here is a compilation of 10 of them, which show that in ingenuity and creativity nobody beats us. 1) "I'm up to my hands". It means, in a nutshell, "I'm in love" or, at best, "I'm falling in love". It is also used with a less romantic sense to say that we have many things to do. 2) "Here the one who doesn't run flies". La viveza criolla in its maximum expression: it is used to refer to those who try to take advantage of some situation. 3) "My legs were cut off" Maradona's mythical phrase after staying out of the 94 World Cup is now used to say that they took something from us unfairly. 4) "You want the pig and the twenty!" You can't have everything: the one who wants the pig and the twenty (pigs) is probably aspiring to get more than his share. And if he wants the chorizo machine, I won't even tell you. 5) "Go charge Magoya/Montoto!" It is said that Montoto was an official of the Banco Provincia. Magoya, on the other hand, has an unknown identity. The truth is that the phrase implies little willingness to cover the debts taken. 6) "Soy Gardel" (I am Gardel) We are Gardel when we do not need anything else: when we are as we want. The motives? Everyone will have their own. 7) "I threw the greyhounds at him" Or dogs. It is used when someone tries to conquer another person or shows his interest in a respectful but not subtle way. 8) "He put on his cap" It is used when someone cuts an atmosphere of joy or celebration with an authoritarian or unfriendly attitude. 9) "He put on his shirt" In this case, the meaning is completely different: whoever wears the shirt is committed to the organisation to which they belong, be it a football team, a company or an institution. 10) "I hung up" When we forget to do something, especially when we have agreed with someone, sincerity is always a good ally.

Publication Date: 02/11/2018

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