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Pedestrians do what they want

Crossing the street, something so simple but complex at the same time. Don't talk to Mendoza pedestrians about rules. Everyone
As we are
Cruzar la calle, algo tan simple pero complejo a la vez
| 15 October, 2019 |

There are rules for pedestrians, applied in the vast majority of countries around the world. Walk along the sidewalks, cross the pedestrian path or, when not painted on the street, cross the corners. Cross when the traffic lights indicate. And, most logical, to cross when no car comes. It sounds basic, elementary and obvious, however, the Mendoza still do not learn it. It will be because we are still a relatively small city. A town with the air of a metropolis. And then the behavior of the calm and even a little clueless citizen is combined with that of the one who walks a little more worried and in a hurry.

Here you walk down the sidewalk, you get to the corner and, yeah You see the vehicles come, but they’re still far away, you cross. While the traffic light marks the green for cars that disarm in honks. Or, by example, you walk in the middle of the sidewalk and you have to go to a business which is exactly the same height, but in front. Then you cross the half the street, without even considering the chance to get to the corner and cross as it should be. Although most surprising of all is walking down the street. Oh, yeah. When the sidewalk is a little congested or when you have the car parked halfway through the block, you walk straight down the street, like this, just like that. And cars have to slow down speed and wait for the “pedestrian” to climb into your vehicle or continue your I walk down the sidewalk.

Pedestrians too are motorists

It is to highlight the hypocrisy of pedestrians and motorists. Because, in most cases, they’re both the same. That is, the pedestrian, usually, also has a car and at some point has to deal behind the wheel with the same thing that he causes when walking down the street. The same goes for the motorist, who complains about the behavior of ordinary people, but who, when it comes to him to become a walker, does the same.

In short, this is part of the worst of us, the Mendoza. So you know, potential visitors to Mendoza. If you have to drive around our beautiful city and its surroundings, be aware that, at any time, in any form and in any place, a deconcentrated pedestrian can jump into the street.

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