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Now they’re “gomeres”

Women have been accessing unsuspected places years ago. The rubber bands are coming. Should we change the name of the
Las mujeres están accediendo a lugares insospechados hace años
25 January, 2020

Inclusion went to the traditional work of gomeros. So we’ll have to call them “gomeres”…

Ten rosarinas became the first women graduated as professional gomeras in the country. Some of them already work in mechanical workshops . They agreed that “there are no trades only for men; if we want all we can learn”.

“ The atmosphere of the mechanical workshops is super macho. But we come to break that up and show that women can do it.” Said Noelia Pinchera, one of the ten who will receive his diploma.

The first “gomeres”

The young woman is 30 years old and is a police officer from the province of Santa Fe. He enrolled in “Gomero en Alignment y Balancing” to enter the workshop of the Radio Command of Rosario. And fix the cell phones that city patrols.

“ During the course we agreed that the word inclusion was the most appropriate word to define what we felt. Because it was the same course for everyone. And what men do is we, too,” he said.

Noelia called on women to “encourage themselves to try other things. We have to break with what is said about certain tasks and knowledge. Because we can all learn and there are no places just for men.”

It’s no longer revolutionary.

Another graduate, Cintia Cortez Hurt, pointed out that “everyone sees what we did as something super revolutionary. But for us it was natural. You just have to feel like learning. “

Cintia is 33 years old, is a fashion designer and signed up for the race out of curiosity. But he liked it so much that he is already part of the rubber bands that are working in the workshops of Rosario.

“ When we started the practice I loved it because I learned how to assemble and disassemble a tire. The swinging. A complete service, from the moment in until the car leaves.”

“ Today I happened to talk to a man who was surprised that I was working at the rubber shop. I didn’t understand what task I was doing. So I explained that I knew how to do everything. What men do, I do, too,” he laughed.

The school

Angelica Jeandrevin, school principal

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