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Notera with baby, between flattery and reproaches

The nothess with baby is Cecilia Tapia who, fulfilling her role as mother and journalist, has generated love and rejection
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La notera con bebé es Cecilia Tapia
| 02 January, 2020 |

Jujeño football gave an image that travels around the country, and it is not proper to the game, but to what was generated later. The match between Alberdi and Herminio Arrieta ended with a win of the home by 5 to 1. The goal was taken to the background, the Notars entered the field to make their notes looking for the protagonist, but it was a nogirl with a baby in her arms that captured all the attention.

The nother with baby is Cecilia Tapia, and in the photos you can see her doing her journalistic work. Besides being a journalist, she is a mother and, on this occasion, she had to combine her duties at the same time. The nother can be seen with the child in her arms and with a phone in her hand capturing the players’statements. The coverage the young lady was doing was for a local radio station.

The image is only one: a nother with a baby interviewing a player, but the interpretations are multiple. But there are three positions which have been generated from this situation. The first of these is the commitment and passion of Tapia for his work and his family. The second is the exposure and little judgment that the young woman might have had in carrying her child and the third, job insecurity.


If we talk about the first point, it is clear that the criterion Professional Tapia is not affected, since the notera with baby meets its function. Beyond having a baby in her arms, the young woman does not detracts from her task. This is recognized by a good sector of society that applauds the attitude. It young man has not given statements, therefore there are no certainties of why it was with your child, he may not have anyone to leave with, or he may take him so that he could live a day of football next to her.

The second statement speaks of the child’s exposure, something that has defined the young woman as appropriate and may be in the background. Many of them, when they saw the photo of the nother with baby, they talked about dangers on a court. Tapia with your baby in arms inside the court is not much more exposed to a danger than those that can have any family with their children in a grandstand.

The third edge, which may be the most controversial, is job insecurity. But, without having certainties, without statements from either the medium or the young woman, it is difficult to say that this has happened. In other words, the nother with baby in her arms has divided the country between those who recognize her professionalism and those who question her. But it is still a more and unique situation that Argentine football gives us.

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