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The newspaper “Critique”

The Buenos Aires newspaper of the '20s. Sensationalist, popular, young and controversial, became the largest newspaper in the country.


On September 15, 1913, appeared the evening “Criticism”, at the cost of 8 cents. It was founded by Uruguayan journalist Natalio Botana, at the age of 25. He adopted the resources of American sensationalism to deal with any subject, using popular language. Its period of maximum splendour was the 1920s and 1930s. He used a catastrophic typography. It stood out for sports chronicles especially those of turf, boxing and football, the incorporation of comics in color and the police reports. He came to have radio and his own movie news.

Tragedies had a primary treatment. The development of police reports was improved with excellent drawings and photos alluding to the subject. In his body of writers featured prominent writers such as Jorge Luis Borges, Roberto Arlt, Alfonsina Storni, Carlos de la Púa, Homero Manzi, César Tiempo, the brothers Raúl and Enrique González Tuñón, Nicolás Olivari and Gustavo González, the famous chronicler of police events. Its own headquarters was built on 654 Mayo Avenue, by architects Andrés and Jorge Kalnay, an art deco palace.

On the first page, under the logo, there was a prayer that said: “God put me in the world like a tábano on a horse to sting it and keep it awake.” He was the first to post cross-words. The maximum circulation was reached on September 15, 1939 with 811,258 copies. In 1941, Natalio Botana died in a car accident in Jujuy, taking care of his family handling “Critica”.

The newspaper was opposed to Peronism and was under pressure from the Government, which controlled the import of press paper. In 1951, on the verge of bankruptcy, the newspaper was sold to the state. The evening newspaper with the largest circulation in Spanish closed on March 30, 1962. It was one of the most influential newspapers in the first half of the 20th century, of that Argentina yesterday.

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Publication Date: 09/02/2020

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