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The magazine “El Hogar”

A magazine aimed at the Argentinean woman who caught the whole family.


In 1904, Alberto Haynes founded the magazine “El Hogar”. He recognized the family as a social unit and shaped tastes, clothes and ways of life of Argentines. Identified with vast sectors, it achieved national and international consecration. She addressed the female taste of the middle class and flattered the upper class by commenting on their social gatherings, trips and holiday sites. But it also had room to express Argentine  literature  and thought. The ads she published were mostly aimed at women, aimed at skin care and hygiene and beauty.

Choosing a copy of the year 1950 allowed us to select some to comment: “TUREN is the lipstick of  happy hours. For flirting, to please, to look”, detailing the right time to use each variety. The opinion of well-known ladies of the Porteña Society was published: “I give to skin cleansing with P cream... all the importance it has, says xxx. She knows from her own experience that the complexion reveals to the eyes that look at her, all her personal charm.” The list of promotions covered all areas, presenting the scented soaps “Atkinsons” in two famous fragrances or the egg shampoos of “Richard Hudnut”.

The  ecological struggle had not yet begun, with the protection of the species, and so the clogs of otter skin were announced; “A clog is the first reflection of the personality. Berthe otter bags.” Ads to think like this: “Feel safe for more days. Protect yourself from axillary odour with liquid ODO-RO-NO, deodorant and anti-sweat, which prevents axillary odor for 7 days.”

Within the range of musical devices stood out the “Combinado RCA Victor” with the most modern automatic changer, for both currents, continuous and alternating”. In the range of blond  cigarettes  , there was “Commander, affinity of tastes. An unmistakable scent A palate that subjugates from the first puff. The blond cigarette adopted by the man who knows how to smoke”. Memories of a transcendent magazine in that Argentina yesterday.

Publication Date: 24/10/2020

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