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The first shopping in Santa Fe

Abandoned, the Ritz Square was an elegant shopping mall that embellished Santa Fe and was a must for locals and foreigners.


Passing San Martín pedestrian to 2700 and seeing this abandoned building is a pity: those who comb gray hair remember with nostalgia the lavish Hotel Ritz. Younger people are astonished to see such a building wasted. Everyone knows that, in that dark and dirty place today, the Plaza Ritz was working, the first shopping mall that the city of Santa Fe had.

They say that when it was built, the construction was designed for the installation of railway offices. But that was never the case. Some business turned the play into the luxurious Ritz Hotel . The prettiest Santa Fe had when it opened, back in 1928. The most notorious Argentine and foreign personalities stayed in their impeccable rooms.

Years after that, the building served as a seat for a bank, with its offices, vaults and deposits. But it was not until the 1990s that the project was developed for which today you are most reminded: the beautiful shopping promenade Plaza Ritz.

A novelty.

Until its inauguration in 1993, there was no shopping center in the city of Santa Fe. And while there are two, plus one in developmenttoday, those who frequented the Ritz Square claim that none of the later or current shopping matches its beauty. The work consisted of four floors of the building intended for the enterprise. 42 commercial premises, food court and offices. The first escalator that the city had was one of the attractions: the Santafesinos have that of recognizing ourselves as “owners” of a capital city, but with the customs of a small town that is amazed by the novelty.

It turns out striking that the Ritz Square remains today a symbol of the city that generates nostalgia in people, if you consider that entrepreneurship only lasted Two years. Since 1995, the shopping has been completely abandoned.

The Abandoned shopping tour is a whole sample of the idiosyncrasy Santafesina. A people growing, but struggling to consolidate projects innovative and creative that will last over time.

Publication Date: 17/02/2020

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By: María Cecilia Brarda 17 February, 2020

un desperdicio el Ritz. qué pena. muy buena nota!

By: Silvana Comini 17 February, 2020

Realmente es una pena que el Ritz no esté más, como tantos otros lugares atractivos que ha tenido la ciudad, y que "mágicamente" se han ido degradando con el correr del tiempo... Da la sensación que la comunidad Santafesina es bastante reticente respecto a nuevos emprendimientos de modernización. Y sin llegar tampoco a ese extremo, tampoco conserva lugares tradicionales que que eran verdaderos "iconos" sociales, tales como: LOS DOS CHINOS, LOS BAVIERA, L' AMITIÈ, EL JOCKEY CLUB!, ENTRE OTROS...

By: Mercedes 17 February, 2020

Los mejores recuerdos del Ritz!!

Por: Alicia Guastoni 18 February, 2020

En respuesta a Mercedes

Muy buen artículo. La ansiedad por conocer ese primer shopping, la desilusión cuando cerró sus puertas y el abandono a que fue relegado lo compartimos todos los santafesinos...

By: Antonio Brarda 18 February, 2020

Qué lindas épocas aquellas!!!

By: monica25 18 February, 2020

Un edificio hermoso, producto de la bonanza que se fue. Una pena el abandono. Gracias por revivir nuestros recuerdos.

By: Leley Freyre le 18 February, 2020

Realmente es una pena ver derrumbarse un edificio de gran valor arquitectónico.Hace poco tiempo ,se comentaba su puesta en valor ,destinado a un centro educativo .Luego .........se silenció y todo sigue igual .

By: Luisina 17 February, 2020

Excelente nota👏👏👏🎉

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