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The famous “casa chorizo”

In that house there were 6 families who, in certain circumstances, were only one


During my childhood and part of my adolescence, I lived in a chorizo house, a very common housing style at the beginning of the 20th century. The street door had a bronze hand-shaped knocker holding a ball. He was the caller, but he was not effective because it was only heard from a short distance. It was fixed with a doorbell that operated with 3 large batteries, about 25 centimeters high, located in a wooden box, distant about 15 meters from the bell. The sound was irregular and discontinuous. The gas meter was on the side, which was visited monthly by a uniformed employee, who collected the accumulated water, with an intense smell of gas. The lobby, with mosaic floor and translucent glass window with Art Nouveau decor. A wooden coat rack with mirror and space to place umbrellas, coats and hats. A room to the front with two balconies to the street and a very dark room facing the lobby. In the first patio, a kitchen of the Compañía Primitiva de Gas, two rooms of 4 x 4 meters and one of 4 x 6 meters. A covered corridor led to the second patio with two 4 x 4 meters rooms and a large charcoal kitchen. Above it, a small piece, which was accessed by a metal ladder. Finally, the backyard, with a small room, two bathrooms, a piletón for washing clothes and three small wooden kitchens, which worked on charcoal. A loquat and a Jasmine from the country climbed down the back wall. All the large rooms, had a basement. There were 17 people living in this house, making up 6 families which, in certain circumstances, were only one. Respect for the other, peaceful coexistence, solidarity in unforeseen or difficult situations, or friendly and cordial communication were dominant factors in the daily life of that house.

Publication Date: 13/09/2018

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