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Tucumanos Chat, a space that made history

It was the most popular instant messaging space in Tucumán. And it connected almost the entire province: the unforgettable Tucumanos Chat.


Today the way of interacting on the internet revolves around   Facebook   ,   instagram   , WhatsApp and other applications such as   Tinder   . Clearly, these apps are at their time of greatest fame and development, but few seem to remember their predecessors. The Messenger and, specifically in   Tucuman   , the tucumanos chat channel.

Messenger is probably the source of what we know today as social networks, making it easier to communicate with anyone in the world without moving home. But   Tucuman   had an equally ambitious space for a very large audience in a small space. It was a general instant messaging channel called Tucumanos Chat.

The goal of this channel was not to connect people from all over the world, but to connect Tucumans with others. It became a very chat   popular   because it concentrated thousands of people in one place.

The chat was very basic, had no colors, pictures, could not send files, we couldn't even use a profile picture. It was very limited, but the possibilities of contact with new people were much larger than Messenger's.

The Tucumanos Chat was regulated by other users so that there were no insults or uncontrolled discussions. This dialog space   virtual   allowed general or private interaction between users. Some participants could register their   nicks   or usernames, and eventually became referents of the chat room.

There were two ways to enter the chat: using a   page   called Tucumanos or do it with a software called mIRC. The program allowed to create and search different chat channels. Installation was somewhat complex, but once configured to use it was easy.

  Most popular Tucumán chat  

It was one of the first virtual spaces that brought together thousands of people with different interests. People looking for friends, others looking for   couples   and there were also vendors. The main feature of this chat was that one could contact thousands of people in an anonymous way. Tucumanos Chat was one of the best stages of instant messaging alongside Messenger.

Publication Date: 07/05/2020

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