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The Butteler Passage

It has the strangest street design existing in the city of Buenos Aires, do you know it?


Pasaje Butteler is located in the Chacabuco Park area. Miss Azucena Butteler donated a large farm on condition that houses were built for the workers in the area and that it was named after her.

Construction began in 1908 and finished in 1910. 64 houses were built, of the so-called “cheap houses”, as in the neighborhood Cafferata, with one peculiarity: the design of the streets formed the letter “equis”, with a square in the center, known as “hidden square”, which since 1972, bears the name of Enrique Santos Discépolo.

In the four corners, access to the vehicles was prevented by the presence of two pillars of masonry, joined by chains, leaving the space of a narrow sidewalk for walking.

It is the strangest street design existing in the city of Buenos Aires. The corners correspond to Avenues La Plata and Cobo and Zelarrayán and Senillosa streets. The streets in equis and the alleys surrounding the square are named after Butteler, with a complex numbering from 1 to 99. Getting to know the Butteler Passage is surprising because when you enter one of the sections of the equis, you will find the square, where you will find a bust of Discépolo. They are four streets with the same number and each one measures 100 meters.

Its houses are low and cobbled streets made it stage for the filming of films and novels. The campfires of San Pedro and San Pablo were famous in this area.

The Butteler Passageis a curious expression of the landscape of that Buenos Aires yesterday.

Publication Date: 18/10/2019

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