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The best recipe.

A classic that doesn't die and reinvents itself: still lifes. Simple and hearty dishes, good price, home atmosphere and close service.

In times of flasks, hamburgers, craft breweries and ginger lemonades, there is a classic that doesn't die and reinvents: Still lifes . Simple dishes and abundant , good price, home atmosphere and close treatment. The formula is simple and rendidor.There are people for everything, that's clear. Some like tiny portions and different dishes; others prefer that the milanesaa the Neapolitan with fries overflow the tray. Literally. The second, for sure, are the ones that keep alive the essence of the Still life . However, beyond the rations abundant and loyal customers, today these establishments have a plus in their favor: it vintage is also in fashion. Today a still life with several decades on it is not “old”; it is revalued with its siphons, its old photos, its football shields, its simple tables and its unpretentious tableware. Anyway, it's good to know that times change, trends bring new proposals, but the basics, the simple, remains immovable. And, even if every now and then we make a getaway in the most in in Palermo, nothing like a Sunday lunch with the family, overflowing with pasta, omelette, matambre and —de postre— flancon a lot of dulce de leche.

Publication Date: 20/04/2018

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