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Telemanies: cordobesidad al palo

Cordobesity and argentinity came together in a single TV show: Telemanías. A 100% Cordovan production that left us unique episodes.

Telemanías is the great classic of Cordoba television.It is a program that mutated over the years, but it always remained the essence of Saturday afternoons in Córdoba . It was a program intended for the family in general, which entertained us with games and live bands.

A kind of youth competition, in which different people were competing for the production. Telemanies was mutating.It started as a game show and bands . And then, it became a competition of groups of graduates who competed to win the famous trip of Bariloche (argent tradition if any). At one point, it was also the scene of local artists competing in a sort of “Operation Triunfo”. And, as much as its dynamics have been transformed, Telemanías left us unforgettable episodes . Today, they are part of the popular historical inventory of Cordoba.

Telemanic Jewels

For example, the time they kicked out the singers of the group Turf, live, for having broken down some installations. Or Gilda's first time in Cordoba. Telemanías brought us to the province artists like Flaco Spinetta or Ricky Martin.Terrible ! Obviously, Saturdays were often musicalized by local quartet bands.Rodrigo, for example, also participated many times . The Mona was part of it. That's why it was the home program of every Cordovan family. In addition, the magic thing about this production was that it brought together artists who couldn't get together on another stage . Telemanías gave us the union of La Mona singing with Los Cadillacs: a little gem!

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This program was last aired on Channel 10.Throughout the editions, it had multiple drivers and conductors . That's right: always keeping the cool.The latest version of Telemanías was made in 2015: it was his 29th season . However, his first show dates back to 1989. A lifetime of accompanying thepeople of Cordoba.

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