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The songs that are not fashionable

February 1, 1930: Birth of Mary Elena Walsh.

February 1, 1930: Birth of  Mary Elena Walsh 

 They told me that in the kingdom upside down 

 Nobody dances with his feet 

 That one thief is vigilant and another is judge 

 And two and two are three 

The options are many and the guys change interests very quickly. However, there are songs and authors that go through times and are successful in each of them: Maria Elena Walsh is our clearest example.

Without strident melodies, wonderful characters and lyrics with content — and some surrealism — their songs fall in love with children of all generations. And when they are old, those same children discover — perhaps — other senses in those innocent melodies: a social protest about our harsh reality.

María Elena Walsh was born in Ramos Mejía (Buenos Aires) on February 1, 1930. He did not have an easy life; nothing was easy then for a rebellious, mystical, dreamy woman. But she did it: she was a poet, writer, music, songwriter, playwright and composer. And it filled our lives with songs that will always accompany us.

Rating: 5.00/5.