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Siamo fuori della copa

Sometimes, commercials have a phrase that “sticks” on people. And there is a popular use and blum. Such is the case of “Siamo fuori della copa”.

Now we were twinned by the coronavirus. From the crap he gave us,  because the Argentines don't sister anything ... Well, except the World Cup. For those who weren't there, Italy '90 left us a lot. Among those things, the phrase “Siamo fuori della copa”.

A very nice and timely beer commercial Quilmes, sponsor of the National Team has always made her famous. Those things that Quilmes comeciales had before. “They were sticking.”  They were a classic summer advertising . They did very good things. Memorable.

This is one of those people who adopt a phrase and makes it popular. All of a sudden, everyone applies it in all his phrases. I exaggerated a little, didn't I? Well. You understand, we said it all the time. When something bad happened. Anything was enough. Negative, of course. “My girlfriend left me. Siamo fuori della copa... “And so.

It even became a brand

See if it will have become popular, they  even created a brand of men's clothing  with the name. “Siamo fuori.” And they were fine, because at first they dressed footballers. From the local market, of course. And it was fine. A local brand, for young cancheros, should wear young local cancheros.

Quilmes often reflected the Argentine popular sentiment. Especially for the World Cup. It is a pity, that although they walk that same path (as befits), the comeciales no longer have the impact of before. The “spark”. The ingenuity.

Like in Quilmes, siamo fuori della copa.

Rating: 0/5.