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Saltwater: a lagoon with miraculous properties

In addition to healing, it was a place of fun and recreation for thousands of porteños.

parque balneario la salada

La Salada was a lagoon of baroque and salitrosa water, located in the southern part of the party of La Matanza. It was 200 meters long by 20 meters wide and was attributed healing properties. Many people smeared their body with mud for benefits.

At the beginning of the forties, the porteños found a way to mitigate the days of wet heat, typical of the summer of Buenos Aires. It was an appointment for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, when concurrent enthusiasts arrived (no trip to the coast and no private pools were available).

Other sites such as the Municipal Spa in Costanera Sur, the spas of Vicente López and Olivos in the north, or those of Quilmes and Punta Lara in the south. The popularity of “La Salada” motivated the creation of the “Parque Balneario La Salada”, with the construction of 3 large pools fed withsalt water, extracted with aspiring pumps, bathrooms, changing rooms and showers. The smaller pool and depth was exclusively for children.

The family groups enjoyed the shade of the trees, as well as a good roast cooked in the stove and tasted on the tables of material scattered there. At the end of the swimming pool, the courtyard of the confectionery was the next destination, at the end of the afternoon, where the dancing began. For approximately three hours, attendees had the opportunity to share dances of all rhythms in a very lively climate.

The spa was closed in 1961 due to the existence of bacterial contamination closing an unforgettable stage in yesterday's Buenos Aires. < !

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Publication Date: 09/04/2019

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