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Retro collectibles grow in Tucumán

Toys, music, retro collectibles accessories that make time travel to thousands of Tucumanos. We tell you what it is about

 Pop, toy and geek culture  spaces around the world are protagonists of a  retro boom. And the trends of the major powers no longer take years to reach our lands, they do so in minutes.  Tucumán  last year has multiplied retro collectibles fairs and their fans.

Every  retro collector  's encounter is a time journey for everyone. As samples increased, they also significantly improved the materials displayed. Retro  collectibles  encompass many things. If you're over 30 years old, you're going to feel a connection with what we're going to tell you: if you have less, you're going to be surprised.

A classic are the promotional products of the most famous soft drinks, those glass glasses painted with characters from  Robotech, Pink Patera or Ninja Turtles.  Veterans who consume chizitos and chips we find the famous  tazos  . Those round figurines that were collected and that made us dream of taking out the winning stroke of the “throwling”. Retro collectibles have its toy displays: Barbie, Rambo and He-Man shine on the stands. Characters who were icons of an era, not only conveyed action, sought to implant an ideology.

The figurines over the years have been reproduced and we find several very old collections, and many still in the sealed envelope. Stickers from  Knights of the Zodiac, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball  have been combat weapons in figurine battles at recreos. These retro collectibles are unique quotations to find treasures. For example, a  Char  l  and Garcia cassette or a Long Play album  Almond  or The Beatles. 

For these Tucumans retro collecting is a passion and not everyone is looking to trade. Some exhibitors move what they collect so others can see nothing else.

 Collecting has matured 

The fairs have shown an evolution, the first gatherings of retro collectors were somewhat disorganized and disorderly. Today every post has a presentation, there is a story behind each object, there is  passion . There is no place for the supply of broken and dirty toys as they abounded at first. The most listened phrase is “Do you remember?!”, which unleashes thousands of sensations.

 It's a family space 

Over the years toys have changed, and they are not the same as parents and their children. The retro collectibles fair allows  grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren  to connect in a different way through classic toys. It is a unique cultural encounter, fun, each object has the history of those who expose it, but also in each of us. Each retro collectibles appointment is a possibility for Tucumans to travel in time and connect to a fantastic world.  If you want to live the experience, check this retro collectibles pagethat will inform you about the upcoming matches. 

Rating: 5.00/5.