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In the homes we ate locro and empanadas, and in the afternoon, chocolate with churros.

July 9, the date of the Declaration of Independence in 1816, brought back to me the memory of how this event was celebrated in the school. During the week, the classrooms were decorated with allegorical motifs. We collaborated with the teacher in its preparation (in fact, our parents did it). We wore our very starched white overalls, a hairstyle with hair gel, brown or black shoes with three-quarter socks and shorts. There was always a standard-bearer from each higher grade and the escorts from the other grades. We formed in the central courtyard, in double file, separated by grade by grade and with the teacher leading the line. That day all our clothes had to be impeccable, with the addition of a very visible badge on the left side of the duster. Parents proudly came to the event to see their children. It was a very important event for everyone. The city was dressed in white and light blue. During the act, the National Anthem performed by the piano teacher was sung, and some allusive marches were held to mark the date. Folklore was danced, especially malambo, for which the men, dressed as gauchos with a white scarf around their necks, black trousers, white shirt and a girdle showed their skills. Other complementary disguises were that of a lantern, watermaker, milkman, or cake seller, with their faces blackened with a burnt cork. The director was reading an incomprehensible and endless speech. The same goes for the president of the Cooperadora and some boys, an allusive composition. At the end of the act, they offered us a glass with a hot husk, accompanied by a alfajor and on the way out, they gave us a small paper flag and a rosette. That day in the homes they ate locro and empanadas, and in the afternoon, chocolate with churros. A real party.

Publication Date: 09/07/2018

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By: Sandra Eme Eme 31 August, 2018

Que lindo tu recuerdo!!!....y una pena que se haya perdido el Festejo del día Patrio....el día "real"....Ahora, en pos del "turismo" lo pasan de fecha, y se recuerda y se conmemora a medias....me gustó recordar con vos, las fechas Patrias en la escuela, el ponerse de "punta en blanco" para la ocasión!! ;) :)

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