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Orlando Goñi, "The Octopus"

Orlando Goñi was an extraordinary tango pianist, born in Buenos Aires on January 20, 1914.

Orlando Goñi was an extraordinary tango pianist, born in Buenos Aires on January 20, 1914. He studied with maestro Vicente Scaramuzza and was influenced by Francisco De Caro. In 1928 he made his debut in Alfredo Calabró's orchestra. With Alfredo Gobbi he formed a sextet and later performed in the orchestras of Miguel Caló, Manuel Buzón and Anselmo Aieta. He was summoned in 1937 by Aníbal Troilo, when he formed his first typical orchestra. Goñi conducted it with a very personal language, a romantic and voluptuous sound. He debuted with "Pichuco" in the cabaret "Marabú" on July 1, 1937. The first recording was "Comme il faut", for the label "Odeón", on July 3, 1938. The last one, "El distinguido ciudadano", on August 4, 1943. Goñi was a piano poet, who filled all possible spaces with his brilliant performance. He was soul and life in the orchestra of "Gordo" Troilo, considered one of the most notable tango pianists of all times, hence the nickname "El pulpo del piano". incorrigible Bohemian, with a very disordered life, his absences to the rehearsals or presentations, more and more frequent, were covered by Astor Piazzolla repeatedly. He was with Troilo for 6 years, during which he recorded 71 songs. In September 1943 he separated and formed his orchestra with formidable first line values, debuting on December 1, 1943 at the "Café Nacional". His vocalists were Francisco Fiorentino, Antonio Rodríguez Lesende, Osvaldo Cabrera and Raúl Aldao. In 1944 he performed in "Radio Belgrano" and in nightclubs. He did not record commercially but left two bad quality acetates with the tangos "El taura", "Y siempre igual", "Chiqué" and his milonga "Mi regalo". He conducted his orchestra for a year. Very ill, he died in Uruguay on February 5, 1945, at the age of 31. This intuitive genius imposed his pianistic personality in the most milonguera orchestra conducted by Aníbal Troilo.

Publication Date: 19/10/2018

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