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You didn't know that this notebook existed

There was a time when prostitution was legal and required frequent health control.

Families used a black cover notebook that they took to the warehouse, where the storerman wrote down the details of the purchases and payments, which were made effective when collecting the fortnight. It worked perfectly for a long time, but there was another notebook, the work of prostitutes. Until 1936, prostitution was legal in the country and it was mandatory to use a black cover notebook, sealed and initialled at the police station. Failure to do so meant the payment of a fine of 30 pesos or ten days of arrest. If they were recurred, the fine amounted to 100 pesos or, failing that, 30 days of arrest. Medical care for sick women was provided by doctors from the Municipality and was recorded in the Book. He had a photo of 3 by 3 centimeters and it contained the first name, surname and other personal data. The sheets had boxes for the weekly annotation of the state of health. If pupil notebooks were not updated, the brothel was closed for 3 days. If they relapsed, then the closure was complete, followed by the eviction from the building. Control measures strictly enforced in yesterday's Buenos Aires.
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