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Harrod's: an unforgettable store

Shopping in the city center was a routine that was met when the needs to be met exceeded the stock of the neighborhood store.

Harrods fachada

Harrod's was a fashion center founded on March 31, 1914, located on the block of Paraguay, San Martin, Cordoba and Florida streets, with sumptuous salons, large marble stairs, stained glass, beveled glass and carpeted cedar floors.Visited daily by more than 40 thousand people, it was the most important shopping center in the micro center, chosen by the Buenos Aires society.

It had basement for garage, 6 floors and terrace. The adult  hairdresser  was located in the basement, appointment for gentlemen. The ladies, at the end of the shopping round, were in the  confectionery shop  to taste a  té  with masses.

 Harrod's  stained glass windows were magnificent, as they reproduced scenes from other countries or the scene of some famous film, as was made during the 1940s with the film “What the wind took away.”

We went to see one of its classic attractions,  Santa Claus's visit, on the corner of Florida and Cordoba. Permanently surrounded by  children , I was one of them and I remember that his hand leaned gently on my head. He instilled deep respect, with his white beard and his slight smile. I was struck by the big elevators, by the speed they deployed and the number of people they were transporting. The  elevator designer  wanted me a privileged one, who opened and closed the iron doors announcing what was on each floor. I visited the children's hairdresser, but I didn't cut my hair. The reason was to know the  little street  with music located in the waiting room. They didn't let me climb, despite my efforts. But if I could enjoy the confectionery, located on the top floor, from a  tea  with sweet masses.

Its glorious stage ended in 1970, beginning its decay that culminated with its closure in 1998.

Visiting Harrod's, it was a different walk in that Buenos Aires yesterday.

Publication Date: 25/07/2019

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