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Floods were always

Far from being a misfortune in recent years, Santa Fe suffered many floods throughout its history. I met one from over 100 years ago!

Inundaciones hubo siempre

The recent history of Santa Fe capital and the surrounding waters is  traumatic . Lately, the Setúbal Lagoon and Paraná were news from their historical records. So low that, in many sections, the channels can be crossed on foot. It seems  a lie, in a region so often hit by   floods . The overflow of the Santafesino rivers, unfortunately, is not an exclusive phenomenon in recent years. Santa Fe has been flooding forever. Such is so that there was  a truly devastating one that happened back in 1905.  The thing was pretty much like that...

On 8 and 9 July of that year, the disaster was total. As it continued almost always,  all the precarious houses that overlook the Salado were underwater  . But, as rarely, the most central area of the provincial capital suffered from water attacks. He arrived at San Martin Street, Falucho, Mendoza and Salta. A house on Rivadavia street collapsed. Passenger trains could not reach the French Station and ferry their passengers to the canoes they expected. The French Station and Plaza España were converted into lagoons. The surrounding area, Rincón, Colastiné and the Guadalupe area, were evacuated. The next day, Candioti neighborhood was waterlogged . The cloudy waters dragged trees,  camalots , poultry, dead cats and dogs , roofs of pieces, tables, chairs, toys, clothes.

The situation was becoming increasingly serious. A newspaper spread the news that there had been 30 cases of typhus, while the boys had fun killing the vipers and the yacarés that came in the camalotal.

At last, around 15 July the waters began to fall. The city, which  was a real Venice , did not know whether to cry or thank God.

 Pesares on the coast 

San Jose del Rincón and  Colastiné  were completely flooded. Climbing the river, in many cases, to the windows and ceilings of ranches and wooden squares. Thousands of  villagers  fled along the roads or  were picked up by salvage boats  shipped by provincial and national authorities.

At that time, all the Santa Fe Railway offices, shops and numerous houses were underwater.

The scarce living area of the city was transformed into a great refuge. “There was no housing, commercial premises, private or public room, workshop, factory, shed, dry school where one or  more persons or families had been evicted from their homes  by the overflowing waters of the  Parana ...“. Ranches, tents and wooden squares were improvised. And only churches were not set up as shelters. “Public assistance carried out an intense task, with numerically tiny personnel, coming to the aid of the sick and the injured and preventing epidemic outbreaks.”

The aid commission, which had been formed to assist the flooded, accounted for the  rescue of 1400 people  only in coastal areas. When the floods began to retreat slowly, it was said: “The retracement movement is shaping up frankly, finally!...“.

The quotes mentioned are from a missing  local newspaper . To those of today, the situation seems to us very well known. We live this same thing as described more than a century ago several times in recent years. The Santafesinos  we suffer from floods .

They say, when nature has to do important things,  there's nothing that can stop it . In Santa Fe, after having suffered as many floods as this one in 1905, we hope, someday, we will be able to do it.

Publication Date: 20/07/2020

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