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Fifteen thousand objects and 46 luminaires recovered are some curiosities of the Confectionery del Molino

The Management Commission of the Mill Building detailed some curiosities that houses the property.

Confitería del Molino

The Administrative Commission of the Mill Building detailed today some curiosities that houses the property, as well as its management in curious details such as the recovery of 15,000 objects archaeological sites, 150 square meters in recovered stucco or the painting of 1,070 square meters of surface.

The synthesis of its management after a year of work was listed in the following curious data:

  • The Mill Building was closed for 21 years, between 1997 and 2018.
  • It consists of 7,600 m2 built on 5 floors.
  • Its dome rises to 52 meters and preserves 1,200 m2 of stained glass windows.
  • 15,000 archaeological and historical objects found in the building with a high patrimonial value were recovered, such as: rotisans, tartelets molds, mold rings, containers, menus, bottles, documentation, newspapers, books and wrappers, among others.
  • We intervened 310 m2 with integral restoration of the main party hall and the Fumoir Hall (on the first floor).
  • 1,070 m2 of surfaces were painted.
  • 150 m2 of stucco were recovered with an artisanal technique of false finish or false marble.
  • Thirty-three stained glass cloths and 13 metal and wood openings were restored.
  • Forty-six historical luminaires were recovered.
  • 300 linear meters of storm and sewage drainage ducts were repaired.
  • 254 m2 of facade were restored, on Rivadavia Avenue.
  • More than 4,500 meters of rewiring lines were recomposed for lighting.
  • 160 m3 of waste and rubble, previously selected by specialists, were removed from the site.

Publication Date: 13/08/2019

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