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Expressions of the Year of the Jopo

At what point did you stop using these phrases? Do you know what they mean or do you already need an explanation?

Expresiones del año del jopo

The passage of time has led to the disappearance of terminology that, in the present time, only causes surprise or curiosity.

Reviewing these sentences is an educational task, since their reading needs the complement of an explanation to locate the reader.

They were expressions of ordinary language, which referred to all kinds of situations. For example, “I'm going to the cut” referred to young women who used to study “Cutting and tailoring”, a discipline that after a couple of years allowed a job exit. The students were easily distinguished by the work elements they carried: a wooden square and a T-ruler to design the molds.

Another phrase: “A monkey daddy with green bananas” arose in the dialogue between two speakers who were struggling to impose a certain idea: one person was trying to deceive the other, who, warned, responded with that phrase. Another very popular saying was, “Can I have the yapa?” , referring to receiving with each purchase made, in the warehouse or the grocery store, a little more than requested . They were times when unpackaged merchandise was sold, and that little bit too much was the “yapa”.

A derogatory response to an annoying or offensive proposal was: “Go to fry churros”, which was in vogue for a long time. It is difficult to understand today the different denominations referring to pregnant women: “It is thick” or “It is in charge”, were common expressions, as well as “It is in an interesting state”or “En la dulce espera”. One that remains valid is “She is pregnant”, which was added to the use of clothing intended to disguise pregnancy as long as possible. Today, women look proud of their bulging belly, and often naked.

“ To have cuiqui” was to fear something. The one who said something correct and well-founded “I was in the ointment” and the thieves were “friends of the other” . Girls with stylized sizes “had a wasp waist”. When someone was missing a date, they “stopped signaling”, and when he referred to something very old it was said to be “from the time of the Jopo.” In short, a good sample of the common expressions in that Buenos Aires yesterday.

Publication Date: 13/04/2019

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