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Anybody remember the “Omelette Surprise”?

An unforgettable experience for anyone.

An unforgettable experience for anyone was the tasting of the “Omelette Surprise”, composed of a base of pionono, american cream, seasonal fruits, hot sambayon and Italian meringue. When served, he was flambé at the table with Negroni. By its size, it was for 4 people. It was served in the restaurant “La Emiliana”, located in Corrientes 1431, in the city of Buenos Aires. With their Thonet chairs and clothes racks imported from Vienna, the waiters were wearing white gloves and the maitre spoke three languages. In 1995 it closed its doors definitively and its facilities changed their destination. The omelette had to be located elsewhere, but it was no longer the same.
Rating: 0/5.