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Do you know the Museum of El Gráfico?

I'm sure not. In the town of La Choza, in Las Heras (Buenos Aires), there is a collection of El Gráfico magazine. For sports lovers.


Have you ever heard of La Hut? Probably not. It is a small town located in the party of General Las Heras (Buenos Aires), 30 kilometers from the main city. For a long time, it didn't even have a name: it was known as Km 77 detour, until it was baptized with the same name as an establishment. agricultural livestock in the area. At some point the railroad passed by, but in the 1980s the de facto government ordered the station to be demolished. Today only remains the rubble and two posters that pray “La Hut”. The inhabitants of the village are just over 40 people.What's with all this introduction ? It happens that, in that far away, so unknown and so unpopulated place, there is a museum that no one would expect to find there: a museum of magazines El Gráfico- Yeah .

It all started with a death and an old shed. The museum's owner, Rubito Prieto, had an uncle passionate about sport who collected copies of El Gráfico. The uncle lived in J. J. Almeyra (Navarro party). When he died, his family intended to burn the magazines that man had accumulated over decades. They were piled up in a shed, some destroyed, but most of them were in perfect condition. Then Rubito did not hesitate: he rescued as many as he could and took them away.

Almost half a century of history

Rubito owns the old warehouse of Prieto, in La Choza, which has been closed for some years, when he retired. So, he decided to expose the magazines there, on their walls. It is an oasis for sports lovers , in the middle of a village in the middle of nowhere. The museum has just over 2000 copies of El Gráfico, between 1945 and 1990. Almost half a century of history of Argentine sport.

The walls and tables of the old warehouse are covered with magazines. Glories of football, motorsport, boxing and tennis appear on the covers, and also from other less common disciplines: polo, horse riding, fencing, swimming, golf and rowing. Not only football lives the sport in this country.

Those who come to the museum — because they know of its existence or because they encounter it on their way to some other larger town — browse through the magazines looking for what catches their attention: their favorite equipment, their sports idol or the cover of the day of their birth. In the middle, they are surprised by unexpected nuggets that appear out there.

Rubito knows that some collector of El Gráfico e

Publication Date: 27/06/2020

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