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Caravan was the one from before

We show you the places of the real Cordoba caravan, bowling where we spend the best nights of our lives.

 Nueva Córdoba  is the area of the boliches par excellence today. However, there was a time, not many years ago, when the bowliches were scattered through different neighborhoods of the city. A time when   fashion  was   also going out to boliches located around the Capital. In   Carlos Paz , Villa Allende or La Calera , bowls were erected that were key for overnight stays during the  80's and 90 's. Some persist and resist, with new profiles. Others became businesses that have nothing to do with the category  of night and fun . However, they live in the hearts of past generations, who knew how to spend nights as a  caravan . We make you the list of  nostalgia boliches.

 1. Baku 

Located in Carlos Paz, like the best in the Cordovan memory, Baku was closed and did not  turn on its tracks again.

 2. Cuernavaca 

About the Bv. Illia, Cuernavaca is a  martyr bowling of the Cordovan night . However, it always reinvents itself. For, if past generations are present today, the impression will be another.

 3. The Lighthouse 

At the entrance to  Villa Allende , a key place of the Cordoba caravan was erected. Getting to this bowling was quite an odyssey, because it was far from the capital. However,  El Faro  blew up the nights.

 4. Fly City 

Fly City is the souvenir trunk of many groups of friends and friends. Located in Nueva Córdoba, it was the caravan point for many people. Today it remains closed, however, there are groups and campaigns for  Fly City to return one night .

 5. La Barra 

This  bowling  is a key to all generations.  A classic  of the Cordovan caravan. Of course, year by year it is reinventing. However, it remains the largest in  Cordoba .

 6. LongChamps 

The loss of this bowling was a duel for the  caravans of the 80s and  90s  . This place was the perfect place to invite you out every day.

 7. Margarita 

A classic  quarteter . Margarita is still standing, but her audience is moving over the years. However, music is always of the same genre: cuar te ta zos!

 8. Maria Maria 

It's the corner of the classics.  This pub-bowling  continues to work with the same fame and call as usual.  It was always a classic , and it's still a classic. Today he has karaoke and band nights.

 9. Olaf 

Located in La Calera, Olaf was everyone's bowling. Now he lives in the memory of everyone who knew how to dance on his tracks.

 10. Red Mill and Cheops 

The fame of these places is still intact. It's just that, after the crisis of 2001, few Carlos Paz boliches survived. Red Mill, Cheops and Zebra are some of the ones that have been maintained since those days.

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