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When men took white

An advertising of the '80s that encouraged men to drink white wine, exalting the virtues of the country man. A
| 29 October, 2019 |

This commercial table wine Termidor must be from the ’80s. It’s the typical commercial of scenes from life itself. Sure, that’s a little idealized. Like it was used back then. One, where men drank white wine.

Nor that it was sooo usual. And I’m sure that’s the reason for this piece. Generate an awareness that man could also include target in his diet. Maybe that’s why, too, appealing to the countryman. The national stereotype of the male. A winner who jumps with his horse. And he gets the roast prize at the end. Thanks to your dexterity.

Perhaps it has had its success among consumers of lower resources, where the machismo seems to be exalted. The truth is that today consumption has changed. In three decades we have gone from male consumption to female consumption and now to younger people. Sure, the target goes up fast to the head. And in its economic versions, this is valued.

In short, we see a piece where creativity did not pass through impact, but through the identification of the consumer with the protagonist and his values. Then there was a revolution in our advertising and these kinds of ads became obsolete. Even if they were effective in their day.

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