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The Viper Juanita

A brown suitcase, an easel, a board and a snake inside another suitcase.
Nostalgic & Passionate
Una valija marrón, un caballete, una tabla
| 21 September, 2019 |

The seller said that for surplus stock, the XX house had in promotion the extraordinary pela papas for the modest sum of 50 cents. A round of curious people formed around the suitcase, when the seller held the snake, a harmless snake, which thus saw his rest interrupted. The charlatan spoke to Juanita and explained what he was going to do in front of the crowd. He put it around his neck, scratched his head affectionately, kissed her, stood in front of the curious and finally said: “Well, Juanita, now I have to work. I leave you in the suitcase like this, while you rest, I talk to people.”

And then, he placed Juanita in the suitcase, which he left open on the floor, in front of the table where he would demonstrate the virtues of the product of that moment. “Futis, latis, viboratis, you are in valijatis.” With these words, the charlatan started the mess.

Convince on the virtues of the new sensational pela papas, a piece of wire, screwed at both ends. It was placed on the edge of the knife and sometimes allowed to cut slices of potatoes, similar to each other. All this operation was carried out in the public view, not forgetting the continuous warnings referring to the viper, which rested inside the bag. Once promoted, he would approach the peels and show them the pela papas, but not deliver it. This was the case later, against the payment of the 50 cents requested. We bought the item; it was a piece of wire that, when used 2 or 3 times, quickly oxidized and discarded. As people approached the suitcase to see the snake closer, it was common for the charlatan to say, “Please gentlemen, don’t step on the snake!” —.

Vipers and charlatans in that Buenos Aires yesterday.

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