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The Tuscan “Avanti”

The “Avanti Cigars”, an ancestor of the blond “puchos” in Argentina.
Nostalgic & Passionate
Avanti Toscanos
26 January, 2020

The “Avanti Cigars”, the most popular in Italy, began to be manufactured in Buenos Aires in 1902, in the district of Villa Urquiza. The factory was located in a shed with large windows, which occupied a block and housed about 1500 workers. They performed an exclusively artisanalwork.

The Introductory Company of Buenos Aires (CIBA) was responsible for all manufacturing processes: Reception of the tobacco, drying, destemming, arming and packaging, for subsequent marketing. Each of the 200 cigarillos that worked there, produced a thousand biconic Tuscan a day, which were then stamped.

Rise and Popularity

The consumption of the “Avanti Cigar”was very popular especially among Italian immigrants who in the city of Buenos Aires, exceeded 50 percent of the population. But the Argentines, they didn’t stay behind. The packages were sold containing two Tuscans or four half Tuscans. The original Tuscan was cut through the center, right where the label was, and two halves were available, fit to be smoked. This brand of cigars, became the most famous in the country.

The promotion of the traditional Tuscan was often seen on murals and on trams. In the bars, the “Avanti” integrated the dominant aroma, mixed with the fog of alcohol, during the endless games of trick or tute. The racers harenged the percherons, without taking the Tuscan out of their mouth.

Street vendors such as fruit growers, fishermen or maniseros, always wore the Tuscan, on or off, during their tasks. The popularity of this cigar was widespread, especially considering that in the 1930s, the annual consumption was 70 million, made mainly with tobacco Missionary Creole. Those who smoked cigarettes preferred black tobacco without filter, since blond tobacco had not yet reached popularity.

The inclination towards the Tuscans began to decline in the 1950s, leading to the consumption of blondes cigarettes, with or without filters. As a result, the Company closed its doors in 1958. The “Avanti Cigars” constituted for more than half a century, the source of economic and most popular Tuscans in yesterday’s Argentina.

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