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The Trencito de Versailles

Small, with only two wagons, the formation of the Versailles united two neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, for four decades, giving
Nostalgic & Passionate
| 10 January, 2020 |

Passengers traveling on the West Railway, now Ferrocarril Sarmiento, observed that a group of passengers descending, headed towards another platform, smaller, far from the central platform, where there was a train of one or two wagons, “the Trencito de Versailles”. The route extended from Villa Luro station to Arregui and Porcel de Peralta streets, the site of the Versailles station.

On the occasion of its inauguration in 1911, a plot was made where houses were built for officials and employees of the railway, giving rise to the district of Versailles. It was a small neighborhood, with an area of 1.4 square kilometers.

The Trencito had a branch of 2583 meters, with two intermediate stops and the duration of the trip was 5 minutes, at a cost of 5 cents. Frequency, every 14 to 20 minutes. In 1923, the branch was electrified. The station was a meeting place for this small community, a space for gatherings, affairs and all kinds of gossip.

In 1943, the tubing works of Arroyo Maldonadothreatened the continuation of the branch, which could be avoided temporarily, because in October 1952, the closure was final, motivated by the paving of Avenida Juan B. Justo. In 1964, the station, the last bastion of the neighborhood’s foundation, was demolished.

The Trencito was able to make up to 88 trips a day, in both directions. In his late season he ran with a single car, which had 32 First Class seats and 43 Second seats. The Trencito ran full of passengers until its closure.

Once again, history repeated itself, destroying what was part of the national identity, in yesterday’s Argentina.

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