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The neighbourhood cinema

Do you remember the neighborhood cinemas? The ones where you spent whole evenings. Where you gave your first kiss. First
Nostalgic & Passionate
| 30 January, 2020 |

Each neighborhood had its own cinema with programs that varied daily, except for the weekend. We live in the era of sound cinema that accompanied us at all stages of our lives. The rooms were multiplied with tasteful architectural details, paintings and curtains. When they screened foreign films with subtitles, people who could not read received the information of their children or grandchildren in an endless murmur, very annoying to viewers, causing gossip and exclamations of displeasure.

Password to enter

The programmes consisted of three films. Tuesdays or Wednesdays were “Ladies Day”, at discounted prices. In some cinemas there was an exhibition on Sunday mornings, dedicated to children’s audiences. The prolonged sound of a doorbell in the hall, heralded the beginning of each film. At the end of each exhibition, the usher gave a password to those leaving the room, which enabled them to return after the interval ended.

For each day of the week there was a different password . During the week, when they left school, they distributed programs announcing the screening of a full series in 12 episodes, accompanied by 2 cowboy films and a couple of Carlitos Chaplin films. Who does not remember the series of “Charlie Chan”, “Dick Tracy”, “Flash Gordon”, or “The Lone Ranger”, characters that fueled the imaginary of the school era. These functions were almost full and were the most sonorous functions, due to the kicks and nuts caused by any technical inconvenience, very frequent due to the poor quality of the projected copies.

Romanticism fee

Some cinemas operated in the mode of “Cine Continued”, where the spectator came in or out when it came to mind. The premieres were broadcast by radio, from a mobile phone located in a corner of the cinema lobby, usually located in the central area. Some cinemas had sunroof . In the evening sessions, during the hot season, the ceiling moved slowly leaving ample space for ventilation and cooling of the room. It was a curious feeling to observe a section of the sky from the chair. But when rain threatened, the speed of closing the roof was not enough to prevent some spectators from getting wet in that Argentina yesterday.

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