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The messengers

The image of the young messenger who carried the errands in yesterday's Buenos Aires is lost in time.
Nostalgic & Passionate
el joven mensajero que llevó los recados en ese Buenos Aires de ayer.
| 14 September, 2019 |

The “Messaging Agencies” appeared in Buenos Aires in the first decade of the 20th century. Most of them were located in the downtown area, such as “Messengers El Bonaerense”, on Florida Street; “Messengers El Rayo”, on Corrientes Street; “Messengers Argentinos”, on Victoria Street (Hipólito Irigoyen).

They were in force until the 40s. The messengers wore a gray uniform and covered their heads with a cap identifying the agency to which they belonged. They were all under the age of 16 who received a miserable salary. Attached to the belt they carried a leather envelope, in which they placed messages, letters or telegrams.

Up to 8 blocks charged 20 cents with tram included; up to 30 blocks with tram included, 60 cents. If the courier had to wait for the reply and bring it to the sender, the fee was increased by 10 cents. The use of bicyclesaccelerated their movement.

Commerce and businesses used couriers to distribute their letters, invoices and almanacs. The families of Buenos Aires used couriers to send letters, wedding gifts, invitations, etc.

December28, the day of the Holy Innocents, was the favorite for Buenos Aires pranksters. They used messengers to send family and friends all sorts of clicks. That day was very special for this activity as the demands were raining to locate the funny man and return his attention.

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