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The Cuban seller, a Tucuman icon

When it comes to talking about the cultural and historical references of Tucumán it is impossible not to mention the
Nostalgic & Passionate
| 01 November, 2019 |

The centre of Tucuman is not a very large walk, but it is very busy. Tucuman people know that their streets tend to be unique and eye-catching characters, such as the Cuban seller. Characters who can become referents for a certain time, one, two, maybe five years and then disappear.

They are built through the experience they generate, some with music, others with costumes and others with their speeches. Carlos Rojas does not use music, but has turned his presence into something legendary for Tucuman. He’s not just a Cuban salesman, he’s an elite salesman, a senior salesman.

If we walk the streets of downtown Tucuman and cross it, we’ll quickly identify him. Suit black, white or other colors, but always at the gala. With a classic bow and a remarkable flower on the chest, bright and a tray with cubanitos stuffed with dulce de leche. Not just the presentation of the seller of Cubanitos is remarkable, also that of Cubanitos, a invitation to good taste.

The characters, we said, can be five years old and disappear: Carlos Rojas began in 1963 and remains in force. The seller of Cubanitos is part of the historical and cultural heritage of Tucumán. Red understands that calling Cubanitos to their products is small: “They are Cubans,” he says, in reference to the size of your desserts. Everyone loves him, big and children and, if he You see down the street and there’s some Cuban on his tray, you can hardly resist.

His image has been built with work and constancy, no matter the heat, the cold or the rain, he is. The Cubanero is so legendary and popular that he has already survived the false death news that sometimes stalk personalities on social networks.

Facing a man of the village is not advisable

The kilometers walked with his tray are countless, but the roads were not always easy. Not so long ago, the Cuban seller toured the giant Parque 9 de Julio, but had an apparent misunderstanding in a bar. A Facebook user reported that she had been kicked out by police. Having a cross with Carlos Rojas, a historic and beloved from Tucumán, was not a good idea for the park bar .

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