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The characteristic orchestra

They toured the country carrying joy and dancing.
Nostalgic & Passionate
Recorrieron el país llevando alegría y baile.
| 12 August, 2019 |

The accordionist Feliciano Brunelli was the creator of the “Orchestra Characteristic”, composed of accordions, saxophones, trombones, clarinets, guitar, flute, double bass, piano, drums and singers.

Together with Francisco Canaro, they participated in the traditional Carnival dances, held in Luna Park. He completed the category that performed in the dances of the clubs, providing dance music in different rhythms, except tango, of the typical orchestra. Pasodobles, marches, waltzes, foxtrots, tarantelas, rancheras and tropical music, integrated a variety of rhythms, danced by many fans, who were not animated by the tango.

The offer of dance sites was very wide throughout the year. They were held on Saturdays on the courts of the clubs Velez Sarsfield, San Lorenzo, Students of Buenos Aires, Sol de América, Defensores de Santos Lugares, etc. from 22 hours to 3 of the Tomorrow.

These orchestras toured the country bringing joy and dance, performing Italian, Spanish and Creole songs. They started or closed any dance in the Sociedad de Fomento, Club or Social Hall. They could be found in the ads published on the central page of the newspaper “El Mundo”, sharing a poster with the best typicalorchestras . During the 40’s and 50’s, they performed in the afternoons in the city of Buenos Aires and on radio stations more popular.

Around the accordion, its conductor instrument, other characteristic orchestras were integrated such as the “Orquesta Characteria Continental”, a detachment from that of Feliciano Brunelli, the Orchestra of Juan Carlos Barbará, and the Orchestra Characteristic of Carlos de Palma, which animated all kinds of

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