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The brand “Flower of Ceibo”

Any similarity to the present day is pure coincidence...
Nostalgic & Passionate
| 27 September, 2019 |

The brand “Flor de Ceibo” was well known during the first Peronist government.

It was the popular and economical option for various commercial sectors, linked to family consumption. It was applied to products of mass consumption but at a significantly lower cost, in order to curb the increase in prices, a direct consequence of the inflation.

They were inferior quality products. Thus, the ground sugar was dark but useful. When consumables were exhausted and not replenished, the acquisition of the economic line was forced.

The shoes had a rough finish that differed quite from the usual ones. In other words, the name “Flor de Ceibo” was synonymous with low quality. This modality was extended and restaurants were obliged to include a menu “Flor de Ceibo”. Something similar was the case with garments. Every clothing business had to have a product that fell under this category. The fabrics sold at a lower price wore the “Flor de Ceibo” brand on the edge.

This product line was a proposal of the Peronistgovernment, which appeared in the 40s, in Buenos Aires yesterday.

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