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The beaches of the lake

Not in the sea, but Mendoza had real beaches. It was in the lake of General San Martín Park that
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playa serrana
| 02 February, 2020 |

Today it is a common space, with the Cornelio Moyano museum in the background. A few steps traveled by athletes finish the scene. Empty and with few vestiges. It is that, in the past, it was a beach taken advantage of by all the Mendoza, the Serranas Beaches. For lack of sea, good was the lake of the park and its coasts to withstand the summer .

It was located on the coast south of the lake and was able to house up to 3,000 bathers who posed in the direction of the sun, taking advantage of the decline of the terrain. The water was not very deep but yes enough, reached the waist of bathers and met the so long-awaited refreshment. In addition, on the island opposite, there was a high-rise trampoline for the most daring.

On the other hand, recalling that we speak of the late 1930s, it is important to emphasize that people had to enter the beach with swimsuits that leave plenty of room for imagination. AND they could only circulate with mesh if they were inside the premises. Outside, there was to get dressed.

In addition to the beaches, there was also a confectionery and a ballroom. As was typical in the time, men arrived alone, but women did so accompanied by their parents. In practice it was even more curious. The women sat in the sides of the hall and the men, with a sign with their heads, invited them to dance. Many of those encounters ended up in lasting romances.


The building

With the passage of time it was housed in different institutions until it became the current museum of natural sciences. And, in terms of its architecture, it must be noted that it respects all the modern parameters of that era. The purity of its style, its white walls, the lack of ornaments, its curved shapes and its round columns.

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