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It was the usual procedure in the pre-computer era.
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sistema de escritura rápida
| 22 August, 2019 |

Shorthand is a fast writing system, which allows you to write at the same speed as you speak. Small strokes, straight or curved, of different lengths and special characters representing letters or words are used.

In Argentina, two systems were used, Pitman and Larralde. Useful for taking notes, recording conferences or reports, it had to be transcribed for understanding. The Pitman System was the most popular due to the profusion of the “Pitman Academies”.

Learning shorthand was not difficult. More problematic was to dump that content in the ordinary language. All the time saved in writing, it was doubled when the version was read. His employment was daily in the Chamber of Deputies, the versions of which appeared in the newspapers, along with juicy comments.

It was a resource widely used by the secretaries, intended to write the dictates of letters and reports in the respective companies or offices. Then they transcribed the record, typing the letter or the report to their bosses.

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