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Neighborhood culture

The societies that formed in the neighborhoods formed a new popular culture.
Nostalgic & Passionate
La cultura barrial
| 06 November, 2019 |

They were made up of Argentines and immigrants: workers, employees, teachers, professionals, small traders and others without occupation. Its formation included Fomento Societies, Mutual Associations, Social Clubs, Political Committees and Popular Libraries. The neighborhood society was articulated around institutions and sites that played a prominent role, such as coffee, the corner, the newspaper sales stall, the drinks firms, social and sports clubs.

The development of cultural activities required the collaboration of teachers, teachers of drawing, English, poetry, singing, recitation, sewing. Work courses, loom or music, aimed at a mainly female culture.

In conducting courses in commercial correspondence, accounting, shorthand or English, the job was sought as employees or secretaries. The practice of sports, especially football and basketball, stimulated the creation of sports clubs. Social clubs specialized in card games, domino and chess, dances, movie theaters or theater.

The parties and dances were family. How to forget the dances in “Firefighters Volunteers of Ramos Mejía”, where it was essential “that there be light” between the bodies of the couple. To achieve this, members of the Steering Committee were responsible for securing those details, stopping the dance of a certain couple, while shouting out loud: “Spread out, more light.”

We lived it, in that Buenos Aires yesterday.

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