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In the square “Bulnes”

A square in the heart of Almagro district.
Nostalgic & Passionate
| 11 September, 2019 |

The square “Almagro” appeared in 1926, but for us it was the “Placita Bulnes”, name of one of the streets of the apple, completed by Sarmiento, Salguero and Cangallo (now President Perón), in the heart of Almagro.

It had various children’s games: hammocks, climbing and lowering, slide, hand slide, handrails and a fountain pool, built in reinforced cement, without coatings, which filled with water, had a depth less than one meter. It allowed most children to enjoy a bath in very cold water. But at night, they threw away any kind of garbage, a circumstance that limited their operation. Then its use changed radically, as it was conducive to playing ball. On the grass was absolutely forbidden. So said the posters “Forbidden to step on the lawn”, adding the vigilant and severe attitude of the guardian, an emblematic figure in the squares of Buenos Aires at that time.

While we enjoyed the games, there was unexpected music coming from wind instruments: trumpet, clarinet and trombone. It was the announcement of the presence of members of the “Salvation Army”, a solidarity organization of British origin. Dressed in navy blue uniform and cap, with red trim, a small group of men and women, usually 8 people, formed a circle, preparing for one of the frequent public gatherings in the 1930s and 1940s, where they preached the gospel, accompanied by ritual chants and sometimes public confessions, inviting the public to participate actively. These meetings were also held in the corners of the city, without notice. Its characteristic was spontaneity and sonority, which motivated the piberío, who, outside of the proposed objectives of this group, shouted and ran unreasonably, uttering rude laughter, which altered the order and meaning of those meetings in Buenos Aires yesterday.

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