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Acharoin, the disinfectant

In the past, a single cleaning agent performed the function of several. Everything was cleaned with acaroin: houses, hospitals, trains.
Nostalgic & Passionate
envase dosificador limpieza
26 January, 2020

Atthe beginning of the 20th century, the fear of infections was very great and there was reason to do so. At that time there were no antibiotics and the control of infections was not easy as life was at stake. The awareness of disinfecting all suspicious sites favored the use of acaroin, in order to “destroy” all existing foci.

Acharoin was used in aqueous solution and transformed into a milky looking liquid, with a very penetrating odor, distinguishable at distance. If using a deodorant, it is to impose one smell on another, acaroin was the great winner. It was used everywhere. I met her when the sewers came to my house to clean grids and sewers. Acaroin spraying was the seal of quality. He translated a work done and “disinfected”. The acaroin looked and smelled. There was no doubt. It was a phenolic compound, very penetrating and long-lasting odor.

Trains arriving at the station “Once” were swept and “disinfected” with jets of acaroin. Likewise, the trams that started their journey were impregnated by the emanations of the newly used acaroin. It was like a poster announcing that the cleaning had been done, culminating in the “disinfection”.

These were times when tuberculosis was the dominant infectious disease , and no one forgot its employment. At school, the classrooms and of course the restrooms had been “disinfected” before our arrival. All the grids of the patios and bathrooms were sprinkled with acaroin as a corollary of all cleaning action. It was like the signing of a document: work done and disinfected, in that Argentina yesterday.

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