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No one hits you any more…

Younger people could never understand it: sticking a tuber means “calling on the phone”. Do you remember?
How we talk
| 05 October, 2019 |

Younger people could never understand it: sticking a tuber, that phrase you will surely have heard from your parents or grandparents, means “ call on the phone.” But why? Let’s start at the beginning.

Previously, the phones had a “tube”, which was the part of the device that was spoken and heard about. I’m sure they’ve seen them. You used to call a person’s house , and that phone was shared by a whole family. They had to “pass” you with the person you wanted to talk to. Inside the house, in general, communication was much more rudimentary: screaming.

The standard conversation was something like this:

The person on the phone: “Hello, is Miguel here?

The person who was taking care of, “Yes, wait. Migueeeeeeeeel! Phone ooooo!”

Miguel: “Hello?… I got it, cut it out!”

Oh ,

beautiful. Something like that was, then, sticking a tuber. Today that almost doesn’t happen anymore. Not just because the devices have changed or because each of us has its own cell phone. attached to the hand as an extension of the body . It changed because today almost no one calls on the phone. Today we send messages, audios (?!). And, if it is absolutely necessary to talk, it is warned before. First consult: “Can you speak?”. We lost spontaneity. Our channels of communication multiplied, but they also became less personal.

No one remembers a phonenumber anymore, but we all remembered the ones we dialed before. How come you know by heart the phone in your neighborhood friend’s house when you were 8, but you don’t know your husband’s cell phone number? Simple: because today no one hits you a tuber anymore.

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