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Patience level: zero.

The horn is a weapon that all Argentines who own a vehicle can count on.
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como somos los argentinos transito
| 10 April, 2020 |

“Your horn doesn’t helicopter me”: I read that phrase on the bezel of a car one afternoon when I got caught in a traffic jam. Judging by the abuse in using this resource, one could say that many people in Argentina are convinced that it does.
Because, as if the traffic itself were not enough, there are those who like to add their sound quota to the traffic jam and trap us in a nightmare of cars around us and incessant horns. No musician could choose the perfect atmosphere for such a horror film better.
A traffic light that goes from red to yellow already comes with horns for the one who is first in line, immediate, without contemplating the minimum time that any human being can take to bring his hand to the lever and put first. A bad maneuver – due to lack of driving skills or eventual distraction – receives the horn with rage, as if the one who propels it was waiting for the moment to vent all his anger by that means.
To call the attention of the one who left the car parked wrong, to warn that we are already at the door, to accompany a street stalker, to greet a friend who is walking, to raise the tollgate: the horn is a weapon that all Argentines who own a vehicle can count on. Be careful: your hand is not shaking when you use it.

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