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Nikole Tursi, the designer who won the Colbert Award with her hats

Selected by the Colbert Committee and UNESCO, porteña hat designer Nikole Tursi triumphs worldwide with her creations.
Argentines around the world
la diseñadora de sombreros Nikole Tursi triunfa en el mundo
| 18 August, 2019 |

Hat designer Nikole Tursi was chosen by the Colbert Committee (a space that brings together the most luxurious French brands) and the UNESCO as the winner of “My Office, My History”, a competition of artisanal creators.

“ More than a designer, I’m an artisan. Not only do I like to think and imagine what I want to do, but I want to do it myself,” Nikole told Télam.

Passionate and restless, this young porteña who studied clothing design and before the age of 30 had already worked in two renowned national clothing houses for children and adolescents.

Then, Nikole Tursi entered the tailoring part of Teatro Colón when she had only made two hats and ended up being the only one to make this accessory.

When he had been at the Teatro Colónfor almost two years, one day he would return home by collective and received a message from a friend with information about the contest. “When I read it I started crying because I knew it was my chance,” he recalled.

In addition to winning the first prize of the contest “My Office. My Story,” was chosen to participate in April of the London Hat Week from a hat inspired by the Ceibo flower.

“ With the Colbert Award I hope to put together the online shop to show my creations. I am also very excited about the trip to Paris and what I can learn and experience there,” said Nikole Tursi.

Source: Télam

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