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Meet the coach who keeps his club fight alive.

The passion of a lifetime of this hurricane fan is part of this club in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios.
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Pablo-Rodríguez - huracán
| 26 October, 2019 |

The passion of a lifetime of this hurricane fan is part of this club in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios.

Passion for your sport and your club

Pablo Rodríguez has been a fan of the football team ofClub Atlético Huracán all his life, so it is a joy for him to be part of the life of the institution to which his heart belongs, in the neighborhood ofParque Patricios , as boxing coach in the gym of the sports headquarters of Hurricane.

“ What is the mystique of Hurricane in the neighborhood is very strong,” says Pablo, and goes on: “It’s a very special place to work, where you work with a lot of passion.”

Part of the life of Buenos Aires

The gym is named after Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena, a boxer of the club who had a successful career in the United States in the 1960s and fought against Muhammad Ali in 1970. Ringo is still an idol in the club, so much so that there is a statue of him staring at his team from the stands of the football stadium.

“ As a kid, I was curious to try sports,” he says. “My dad worked a lot and I grew up a little in a club and was trying out all the sports and I stayed with this one. He was the one who caught me the most. “

A place for everyone

Rodriguez joined here as a boxing coach in 2009. He now trains about 200 people, 30 of whom compete. They work every night and coordinate fights for weekends.

“ Every boy has a stage, an evolution. There are kids who are getting started and the professionals are also coming, who have already spent 10 years of training and are going through their professional stage to be able to obtain a financial income thanks to the effort they made. But everyone does it out of taste, out of passion. Boxing is a sport that borders with the marginal because it is a legal fight, but it is a kind of desire and a fight against fate for all those who practice it.”

More than a sport

Like all the traditional clubs in the City of Buenos Aires, Huracán is primarily known for its first division football team, but there its hundreds of members, of the most diverse ages and backgrounds, practice all sports: from gymnastics and handball to boxing.

“ It is a meeting center for different sports,” explains Pablo. “The social part of the headquarters grew a lot. An open club was generated. The two things I like most are the technical part, boxing itself as a sport; and the social part that is a whole world and fascinates me. Every child is a story, and every story has many things behind it: his family, his dreams. It is a sport that causes many people to meet. This is what excites me most.”


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