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Land of characters

Santafecinos are characters that stand out for their peculiar way of being. We tell you a little what we are
As they see us
Los santafecinos son personajes que se destacan
| 02 November, 2019 |

“ Being normal is boring, we are weird, but only a little,” said Veronica, a saint who knows what she’s talking about. This statement, which might seem strange in another province, in Santa Fe, is a compliment. Unlike other sides, the santafecino does not want to be “normal”, rather want to be weird, but eye: “a funny weird ”. Maybe that’s why they say we’re a little characters.

Tristan Garcia Bouza, a Porteño, thought that if I had to define the Santafecinos I knew, he would say that “they are people in general extravagant, funny, exalted and shouting, but yes, they are all very good friends, almost with a mafia friendship.” There are many characters from the Santafecino world who stood out in the universe of television, theatre and other artisticdisciplines. The list is eternal, but just to name a few I could say they are Mirtha Legrand, Dady Brieva, Roberto Fontanarrosa, Fito Páez, Soledad Pastorutti, Alberto Olmedo, Juan Carlos Baglietto, etc.

Santa Fe, and especially the city of Rosario, have a very fruitful artistic bohemia from which come out many Litoral artistswho carry their art all over the world.

In Santa Fe one might find the most delusional characters of a good fiction.

The film The Illustrious Citizen, which depicts all the characters of the village, perhaps too stereotyped, but nothing far from reality or, at least, from the Santafecina reality.

Because, after all, Santa Fe is a province of film.

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